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Factors that Determine the Cost of Stump Removal

Don’t let a tree stump ruin the beauty of your landscape. You might be thinking that professional tree stump removal is too expensive and you also don’t have the time and the equipment to do it yourself. You think tree stump removal is expensive but you haven’t really taken a step to find out. The good news is that removing the tree stump from your yard does not really cost that much. Here are some of the things that go to the cost of tree stump removal services and what you will need if you plan to do it yourself.

The average cost of tree stump removal can be between $150 to $300 for professional services. But these figures are just a loose estimate. It can either go lower or higher than these figures.

There are many factors that affect professional stump removal. The the price of the service depends on these factors.

You will spend more time and labor in removing a larger trunk than a smaller one. The cost of removing a tree stump is measure per inch, i.e., a certain amount is charger for every inch of the diameter of the stump. So, you pay $90 for removing a stump with a 30-inch diameter which is priced at $3 per inch.

You will get charged a per stump price if you have many tree stumps to remove. Calculate the price of each stump by using the method above and add them all up to get the total cost. If you are removing many tree stumps during a single visit of the stump removal company, then you will like be given a discount.

Geographical location can also affect stump removal costs. Stump removal charges higher for places where fuel, equipment, and labor costs more.

If there is no easy access to the stumps, then the labor costs would be higher. You get a higher cost if you need to maneuver around trees or if the stump is against your house.

DIY stump removal would entail purchasing the proper equipment like a stump grinder which is very costly. If there is a home improvement store near you, then you can rent equipment if you can’t afford to buy it. Another method is by helping the tree stump to decay by pouring a specialized chemical called stump remover or stump killer. This method will take time and using chemicals has many risks attached to it.

In most cases, hiring a professional is better than doing it yourself. They can remove the stump quickly because of their equipment and knowhow.

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